What is marketing?

Marketing is the process of creating relationships with consumers by making people aware of the product which matches their need.

  • It is also about understanding the deep psychology of consumers and promote and sell the products according to the consumer’s needs.

Marketing contains a bigger set of activities and involves questions including

  • Which product to build?
  • Which customer segment to target?
  • How to price?
  • How to promote?


Major Type of Marketing

  • Traditional marketing
  • Digital marketing

What is Traditional marketing?  

Traditional marketing is a conventional method of marketing. That is used for targeting the audience with many offline promotional and advertising methods.


By Broadcasting

F.m. , radio, TV, etc.

By Telephone:

SMS marketing, telemarketing, etc.

By Printing

Newspapers, Magazines, etc.

By Outdoor

Flyers, Billboards, etc.

By Direct Mailing

Catalogs ,…

What is Digital marketing?    

Digital marketing is a modern method of marketing. Here marketing of products, services, and promotion via digital technologies.

It is more cost-effective.

It can target a niche specified audience.

It allows companies to analyze and quantify their campaigns.

It is fast and Real-time results.

We will fully describe about Digital marketing in to next part of this series.

 “Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.” ~ Milan Kundera

We will fully describe Digital marketing into the next part of this series.

Thank you! Keep learning, keep growing! 😄