YouTube is the most popular online video platform (OVP). And it has its own video search engine so it has its SEO techniques also.

Mostly every beginner YouTube faces the problem – “How to Rank YouTube Video” here in this blog, I am going to tell you every step by step process.

The Topic of Video:

The Topic of your video must be unique. If the topic is not unique try to represent the content in very creative ways or entertaining ways. Before deciding the topic do Keyword Research and try to find the best Keyword after that do a more detailed analysis and research about the topic. Collect facts and figures. You need to determine a few things like Type of the video, Analyze existing videos for the outline.

How to find YouTube video Keywords:

there are some methods to find the best and effective Keywords.

1: Use YouTube’s Search Suggest feature:

This is a very basic and effective method to find YouTube video keywords.

Step #1: Go to YouTube Search bar and type your keywords For example, if you search for “how to make money”

Step #2: Now YouTube suggested popular keywords for you.

2: Use Google Search Engine for finding YouTube’s keywords: 

This method is also one of the finest methods to find good quality keywords. Here we go:

In this method, we have to find the lowest amount of result keyword because of that, the competition in that keyword is low so you can easily rank your video. We are simply going to target low-competition keywords.

Step #1: search this string on Google.

<Your topic or keyword> site:youtube.*

Step #2: You will get the search result. Check result count and change until you will be getting the least amount of search result count keyword.


Money making video site:youtube.*  
Money making online using smartphone video site:youtube.* 

3: Some keywords Research Tools:

  • it generates relevant long-tail keywords and related keywords for any topic. (Website Link)
  • TubeBuddy Chrome extension: it will improve your search rankings with YouTube SEO tools. (Link)
  • VidIQ’s Keyword Tool: It shows any YouTube video analytics and as well as shows all tags and details. (Link)

YouTube Video Optimization:

There are some pointers you need to follow:

  • Try to include your focus keyword in your video title and description.
  • Try to write relevant keywords that help your videos.
  • The Quality of video must be good (4K, 1080p, etc.), and also video editing must be good. There are some video editing software:
    For beginners: CyberLink PowerDirector, Wondershare Filmora, etc.
    For professionals: 
    Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut Pro., etc.
  • Try to make a very attractive and eye-catching thumbnail.
  • Try to use the good mic for good content delivery. 
  • Always Add closed captions
  • Etc,

Promotion of Your YouTube Video & Channel:

  • Target social media platform: you can target social media platforms like (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedInWhatsapp, etc. it is a free and very effective way to get traffic.
  • Q&A Sites: mention your video on Q&A websites also like Quora.
  • Get featured: if you Get featured on another channel. You will get subscribers from that channel also.
  • Make collaboration videos: it will also promote your YouTube channel.
  • Google Ads: if you have a budget for your video you can run an ad campaign.
  • Etc.
Suggestion for YouTubers: Use VidIQ’s Chrome extension .it will help you with your channel optimization.

Thank You.😃